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We're excited that you're ready to join us at NSCC AEGIS Division.  

Now for the not so fun part, paperwork!  We don't want you to go through this part if you haven't already visited us and determined we're a good fit for you!

There are several items of paperwork in our application packet that we need in order for you to officially join.  

A couple of tips when you fill these out:
  • Always write your dates as DD MMM YY - for example, August 12, 1972 would be 12 AUG 72.  
  • Our unit name is "NSCC AEGIS Division" and our Region is "4-4".
  • Don't forget the signatures!
The form that we need --> NSCADM001:
  • The Application - Pages 1-2 - - Yes, the cadet actually needs to sign it.  
  • Report of Medical History - Pages 3-4 are filled out by the PARENTS and are not complete without an Immunization Record.
  • Report of Medical Exam - Pages 5-6 are to be filled out by the DOCTOR.
  • Medical History Supplemental - Pages 7-8.  If the cadet takes any medications, this must be filled out completely and if any are prescription, it must be signed by the DOCTOR.  If the cadets doesn't take any medications, mark it N/A and sign.  
  • Request for Accommodation - Pages 9-10.  If the cadet requires an Accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please fill out completely.  If not, mark it N/A and sign.
  • The Parent Support Questionnaire - Page 11, Parents, if you say you'll help here, be sure you mean it.
  • Copy of health insurance card, front and back.
When you're all done with this, go ahead and mail it ASAP to NSCC AEGIS Division, PO Box 1534, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054.  Don't forget to include your enrollment fee of $220 in the form of a check or money order made out to NSCC AEGIS Division.