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What Does It Cost?

At the unit level, there are one-time costs, annual costs, monthly costs, and incidental costs
  • One-Time Enrollment Fee of $150 ($75 goes to NHQ to cover membership and insurance, the remainder are administrative fees that go toward purchase of uniforms and other operating supplies for the UNIT)
  • Annual Renewal Fee of $100 ($75 goes to NHQ to cover membership and insurance)
  • Monthly Costs of $45 for a full weekend, and $10 if attending for a single day.  We discount this to $40 per cadet for a full weekend if there is more than one cadet from a family attending. 
  • Incidental Costs are what you pay for shoes, boots, lost uniform items, etc.
Advanced Training costs vary, and deposits are submitted directly to the COTC along with your request for orders
  • Average cost this summer was $150 per week of training
  • Average cost this winter was $150 for one week of training
Here's how it adds up for an average NSCC cadet (ages 13-18 in their first year of enrollment):

Item Cost
First Year Enrollment$150
Monthly Drill (x10)$450
Dress Shoes$60
Miscellaneous Items (Lost Cover,etc.)$50
Recruit Training* (all meals and lodging included)$300
Additional Training* (all meals and lodging included)$150

If you are in a position of true financial hardship, please don't let this stop you from enrolling.  Please speak to the Commanding Officer, and we'll look into opportunities to secure sponsorship.