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Getting Ready for "Summer" Training

One of the most fun parts of being a Sea Cadet is attending trainings.  Most of these happen during the summer months, but some trainings are available in the winter and spring.

There are many things you do to attend a training.  Below we'll cover each step IN ORDER.
Before major training periods (Winter and Summer), a new training schedule is usually published on Compass.  International Exchange Program opportunities are also posted at  The unit Commanding Officer and Executive Officer will also post other training opportunities on this website, on the unit Facebook page, and in e-mail announcements.  Research these opportunities, visit their websites, and when you've selected a training, go to Step 2.

E-mail the Executive Officer with the training(s) you would like to attend.  They will consult with you and make sure you're eligible for the training.  If you are, they will contact the COTC to reserve a quota when appropriate.  If you are not eligible or the training is full, they will work with you to identify alternative opportunities.  They will tell you when to proceed to Step 3.

Fill out the required forms and send them to the unit PO Box along with the appropriate deposit and a photocopy of your ID card, front and back.  The forms will vary depending upon the training and your medical situation.  The unit Executive Officer will let you know what forms are required.  Once your orders are confirmed, you will be told to proceed to steps 4 and 5.

The COTC will often e-mail you directly with the Seabag List.  It is also usually available on the Training's web site.  Make sure you have all the items on the Seabag List.  Make a Supply Appointment if needed to ensure you have a complete seabag.  

DO NOT PLAN TRAVEL UNTIL YOUR ORDERS ARE CONFIRMED.  As situations can change quickly, it is strongly advised to only purchase refundable fares.  You are responsible for your travel to and from the training site.  Many COTCs will provide transportation to and from the airport, and will generally let you know what airport to use.  Many COTCs have a Travel Information Form that you must fill out.

You must take your service record and orders with you to training.  The unit Commanding Officer or Administrative Officer will ensure you have your service record prior to your departure.  If you do not have it by the day prior to your departure, please email the CO right away.

Good luck!