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How to Buy Shoes, Boots, and Accessories

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Shoe and Boot Buying Tips:

  • You can buy your boots or shoes anywhere...  Unfortunately most of the suppliers we used to use aren't carrying our correct shoes and boots anymore.
    • Common Brands:
      • Bates
      • Belleville
      • Capps
  • You could go to the Navy Exchange at Lakehurst to purchase or try on boots or shoes to find the right size before buying online.
  • DON'T buy boots that have the following:
    • Zippers
    • Any cloth materials (aka "jungle boots" or "hot weather" boots or "tropical" boots)
    • Suede
  • DO buy boots that meet these requirements from the Uniform Manual: 
  • Plain steel-toed, laced 8 or 9 inch high top made of 
  • water resistant leather with rubber outsoles.
  • DON'T buy shoes that are:
    • Poromeric
    • Corfam
    • "High Gloss"
  • DO buy shoes that meet these requirements from the Uniform Manual: 
  • Plain toed, oxford style 
  • black low quarter, laced shoe, made of smooth 
  • leather or synthetic leather. The heel shall be an outside heel 3/4 
  • inch – 7/8 inch high with a flat sole.  
    • They should be able to be shined!

 Boot Example    Shoe Example
Bates 9" Navy Boot
Bates Leather Oxford

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